Letter from the Editor

Marcus Kankkunen, Editor in Chief

Dear Upper School Students and Faculty,

Hello. My name is Marcus, and I am the new editor in chief of The View. Last year The View did not print any issues because of a lack of articles, and the few articles that were written did not get published either. This year, The View has moved online to solve these problems. By moving online, articles can be posted at any time. They can be viewed anywhere: on your phone or on your computer. And they can be viewed at any time: the morning bus ride, or late at night maybe you’ll read The View instead of perusing Tik Tok until 1:30 am.

I see The View as the catalyst for the improvement of Dexter Southfield. Last year students complained that their voices were not being heard. Dr. Bloomfield remarked that our voices were being heard; we just weren’t talking. One probable excuse is not having good hearing. But now there will be no such excuse as my hearing is bad. Now, they will be able to read student complaints in The View, and no teacher will admit to not knowing how to read.

I see The View as the overarching organization that links all of Dexter Southfield together. No other club or class has the ability to cover as many topics as The View. I hope that by the end of the year on The View, students will find articles about every facet of student life at Dexter Southfield.

I see The View as a repository for student writing. Writing is extremely important in life. Not only for writing good college applications, but it is fundamental to everything after college. The best writers are often also the best at reading comprehension. My SAT tutor told me last night, “you’re going to be doing these standardized reading comprehension questions until you graduate college. The MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE.” I groaned realizing I no longer wanted to become a doctor, businessperson, lawyer, or whatever the GRE is for. I hope that the view encourages students to become better writers or at least better readers. I hope that one day, the English teachers will hand their class articles from The View and exclaim how well written they are.

In this letter, I have prefaced what I think the role of The View is and my goals for The View, but none of this is achievable without you, the reader. I hope that you, the reader, participates in The View by writing articles, submitting comics, taking pictures, or just simply reading The View. Have a great year.


Marcus K.

Editor in Chief of the View